Tee Off in Jacksonville

As the new sun casts a bright glow from across the horizon, your steps leave an impression on the fresh dew covering the grass. Removing a tee from your pocket, you drive it into the soft topsoil, carefully placing a ball atop it. As you grip your driver, you cast a gaze down the fairway — the pin waves in the gentle breeze hundreds of yards away. You turn your attention to the ball, lining the metal face of your driver with the center. You wind up, bringing the club head behind you, and in one swift motion, unleash that stored energy in a mighty swing, admiring your shot as the ball cuts through the air with blinding speed. With a lot of skill and a little luck, the ball returns to the earth, bouncing down the fairway and that much closer to the green. Truly, this is how mankind was meant to relax.

In Jacksonville, tee time is a sacred time — a chance to unwind and get a breath of fresh air among the beautiful courses sculpted in the image of creation. Play a full 18 at The Links at Nichols Park or get a quick nine in at K’s Creek. Looking for something more exclusive? The private, 18-hole course at Jacksonville Country Club offers a challenge for all skill levels on one of the most beautiful courses in the state. No clubs? No problem! The nine-hole Disc Golf Course at Foreman Grove provides a quick, exciting challenge for all ages and skill levels. Gather your friends and enjoy the warm sunshine, peaceful scenery, and of course, some friendly competition in Jacksonville.